Digital Credentials Solution

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A digital credential is a proof of qualification, competence, or clearance that is attached to a person or product in a form of digital badge or certificate.

Digital Credentials Solution

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Bring absolute value to your brand and business

Digital Credentials Solution

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Empowering partners to enrich business or project values in digital way.

DesignThinkers Academy

- Design Thinking Courses

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- ACCA Business Competition

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GS1 Hong Kong

- Retail Supply Chain Data Certification & 1QR Project

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- Retail Innovation Awards

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B4B Challenge

- Big Data Open Competition

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Veeam Hong Kong

- ProPartners Awards & Veeam Cup

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- Future Leader Awards & BEST HR Awards

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OpenCertHub Academy

- Data Literacy Empowerment Programme (DLEP™)

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Digital Credentials Solution

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We encourage the recognitions with digital credentials in any aspect in the digital era.

Dr Toa Charm
Andy Kwok
Dr Victor Ng
Digital Credentials Solution

OpenCertHub DigiCredential DigiCredentialDigiCredential

We are a member of OpenCertHub Group. With the same vision of the group to democratise data literacy to everyone, digital credentials is one of the fast growing data product to enrich business value and brand building globally.

Collaborate with us to discover more hidden values from digital credentials

Digital Credential Solutions

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